Sunday, February 3, 2013

RVPGNYC does Medical Diagnosis and more

Saturday the group performed its first medical diagnosis session.

In January I’d re-read Russell Targ’s excellent book; “Limitless Mind” (a book I’d highly recommend to anyone interested in the topic). The book has chapters on medical diagnosis and distant healing, and he outlines his own experiences and method, and that of others in the field of diagnosis and healing. As with the rest of the book, a well written and engrossing introduction.

The line ‘it appears to be much easier to do than ordinary remote viewing’, possibly as it’s ‘a more meaningful task than identify objects and places’ got my attention, and I was reminded of the 5 day workshop I’d attended in 2010 with Russell and Stephan Schwartz, that included a medical diagnosis session. We’d been instructed to draw the outline of the human body, this was then used to annotate issues on the body of our workshop partner.

In January, I mailed the group asking for volunteers to put themselves forward by contacting me directly with some details of their aliments.  

For Saturday’s session, I printed an email from the selected target person with some detail of their aliment, and added a reference number and the tasking of “Describe any physical illness or issues, and provide any information that will be helpful.” All the viewers got was ‘MD01’ and that was to be medical diagnosis session. Before starting we discussed approaches and walked through possible methods, I suggested it would be good to leave the session with healing thoughts for the person.

After the session we discussed the viewers results; there was much consensus in information that went beyond the diagnosis into mental states and underlying issues, many that have since been ratified by the target person.  
The viewers did practically well, they had to put up with distractions coming from an adjacent room, and for many of them this was the first such session, it was noted the experience was markedly different from our regular viewing of man-made and natural structures.

A successful and engaging exercise we’ll be running again in the future.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Why I find remote viewing so fascinating...

A snippet from a longer interview with my wife on what I find fascinating about remote viewing.

Friday, November 30, 2012

Where have the targets gone?

Practice targets and their feedback have been moved from the RVPG NYC blog and are now on the new ‘Remote Viewers NYC’ web site https://sites.google.com/site/rvpgnyc/home

The next target reference number is displayed on the right on the homepage and feedback will be posted on the ‘Targets’ page.  Each target feedback page has its own comments section, so post anything interesting there.  

And remember: practice, practice, practice!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Need an Introduction?

For those who have not attended any meetings as yet can I suggest the Introduction sessions to get you started. There’s one in December and one in January.

The sessions are three hours long and have a maximum 4 people, so there plenty of time for questions and discussion. I walk through the basics and we do some sessions together, which is enough to get you started.

People really like it!
Amazing Ray said:
What a fantastic session! Jon was simply brilliant in conveying remote viewing to beginners like myself. Just for those attending next session:
come with an open mind
bring pen and paper
and just relax to really enjoy yourself.
I learned a lot and for that I am truly grateful! Just signed up for your target practice session.

Thank you Jon for a wonderful and informative introduction to RV. The background information was very interesting and the exercises challenging and fun. Your knowledge and enthusiasm for RV is an inspiration in continuing to learn more about it and develop the abilities to do so. I am very much looking forward to attending the regular meetings.
Thank you again for leading a great session!

Jon did an excellent job of introducing us to Remote Viewing. Funny how I've read about it for years but didn't understand it very well until I attended Jon's presentation. He gave handouts, history, clear explanations and led us through several practice viewings. He was encouraging, too. I'll be interested in continuing this RV exploration.

Look forward to seeing you, Jon..

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Remote Viewing at the Monroe Institute

I have just returned from attending a week long remote viewing course at the Monroe Institute in Virginia run by Skip Atwater. (Skip was instrumental in starting the military remote viewing program at Fort Meade - this story is told in his own entertaining and informative book; ‘Captain of My Ship, Master of My Soul’, as well as in Jim Schnabel’s excellent historic overview ‘Remote Viewers: The Secret History ofAmerica's Psychic Spies'). Unfortunately, for us, Skip is retiring and so this was his last course, I feel very lucky to have been able to attend. Skip is an excellent teacher, mixing a great deal of humour with sage advice from decades of training and operational experience.

The course itself gave a broad overview of the different methodologies available, no preference was given, but the advice that people should try things out for themselves and use what feels best for them. A brief introduction was given of HRVG, CRV, ERV, and the Schwartz method. Attendees’ favourite activity seemed to be a day of double blind sessions where participants rotated through the roles of viewer, monitor, and judge. We all found it an excellent learning exercise.  (Using blind differential discrimination, aka, ‘police line-up’ scoring we achieved a 6 out of 12 1st place matches where chance would have given 3). Hemi-synch played only a small but important part in the week, only a few sessions of the frequencies Bob Monroe developed when working with Joe McMoneagle. A great week; lovely people, opportunity to listen to Skip and practice and learn.
Your host with Skip Atwater

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Suspect Zero

Staring Ben Kingsley, Aaron Eckhart, Carrie-Anne Moss (2004)
‘A killer is on the loose, and FBI agent Thomas Mackelway is on the case, sifting through clues to uncover the criminal's identity. But there's one unusual twist: The bloodthirsty felon's victims of choice are other serial killers.’

All very suspenseful and dramatic, Suspect Zero shows a Hollywood version of remote viewing used by Ben Kingsley's character, ex-FBI agent Ben O'Ryan, to track down serial killers across the country.
O'Ryan is one of five agents once tasked with using the remote viewing skill to track killers, however the affects have taken their toll, and the others are now dead or institutionalized.

Now O'Ryan has ‘seen things no man should see’ and he is now disturbed (not enough AI breaks?).
A brave move of director Elias Merhige to construct a thriller around what is still considered by many as something to be ridiculed, and brushed off as bad science. Is part of that problem maybe the fact RV is still strange, weird, and ‘proved not to be real’? If part of this film’s objective was to soften these criticisms I don’t know if it helped; instead RV is shown as the tool of the crazed. An identification that needs dispelling not strengthening.  

Although thrillers and dark suspense are not my thing I did enjoy this. It moves along and is gripping.  Though more enjoyable for me were the ‘special features’; a short documentary on remote viewing featuring Russell Targ and Paul Smith, amongst others, giving a well-rounded introduction to the 20 year research program, military RV operations, and the nature of consciousness.

There is also a remote viewing demonstration by the film's director, Elias Merhige.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Hey Newbies!

I’m going to be running ‘beginner only’ sessions in October and November with more to follow, these will be introductions to the topic with lots to learn and do.

These sessions are for those who are interested in learning but have little or no experience, and maybe a little wary of unleashing their awesome skills on an unsuspecting public. This will be a safe environment to learn and practice (the regular meetings are too, but this will be extra safe!)

I will explain some of the terms and concepts and a little of the modern history, and there will be some fun exercises.  Hopefully you’ll leave with a greater understanding and knowledge to do things on our own and in a group setting (such as your local meetup group, regular sessions)

If you’re interested go to the meetup group and sign up. Sessions are currently free.