Sunday, February 3, 2013

RVPGNYC does Medical Diagnosis and more

Saturday the group performed its first medical diagnosis session.

In January I’d re-read Russell Targ’s excellent book; “Limitless Mind” (a book I’d highly recommend to anyone interested in the topic). The book has chapters on medical diagnosis and distant healing, and he outlines his own experiences and method, and that of others in the field of diagnosis and healing. As with the rest of the book, a well written and engrossing introduction.

The line ‘it appears to be much easier to do than ordinary remote viewing’, possibly as it’s ‘a more meaningful task than identify objects and places’ got my attention, and I was reminded of the 5 day workshop I’d attended in 2010 with Russell and Stephan Schwartz, that included a medical diagnosis session. We’d been instructed to draw the outline of the human body, this was then used to annotate issues on the body of our workshop partner.

In January, I mailed the group asking for volunteers to put themselves forward by contacting me directly with some details of their aliments.  

For Saturday’s session, I printed an email from the selected target person with some detail of their aliment, and added a reference number and the tasking of “Describe any physical illness or issues, and provide any information that will be helpful.” All the viewers got was ‘MD01’ and that was to be medical diagnosis session. Before starting we discussed approaches and walked through possible methods, I suggested it would be good to leave the session with healing thoughts for the person.

After the session we discussed the viewers results; there was much consensus in information that went beyond the diagnosis into mental states and underlying issues, many that have since been ratified by the target person.  
The viewers did practically well, they had to put up with distractions coming from an adjacent room, and for many of them this was the first such session, it was noted the experience was markedly different from our regular viewing of man-made and natural structures.

A successful and engaging exercise we’ll be running again in the future.


  1. To whom it May... Please Google "A. Edward Moch" Remote Viewing. If you are serious about RV Medical Diagnostics, contact me. Thanks Alfred Cota (aka: A. Edward Moch)

  2. Re: Facebook furor--
    I think people are reacting to the assumption that we're somehow diagnosing something. Legally, RV along with any other psychic phenomena are (or at least should) always be considered 'entertainment', which legally makes anything we do no different than someone going to a mall psychic for advice. Anything stretching beyond entertainment and into the shark pool of professional advice is a pretty obvious disaster waiting to happen. Legalities aside and as far as viewers are concerned, Daz is right about having ethical standards in place, but again, this is all 'fun and entertainment'.